What is meant to be, will tore you deep inside your life till, it will mean to be what's meant.

People often say WHY should we do such things or any other things in first place, And then i saw her and understood the WHY of life. 

The WHY of this existing life within each and every person starts with a dream that her eyes speaks of, which are as beautiful as a dream can make you feel nostalgic about. 

She live to dream big and dare to dream again and again, also she dreams to live big. 

Living big according to her stays within small things like a 32inch big heartfelt smile day or a puppy kissing her face with altogether affection and altogether loving the gesture without caring about anything else but to be able to get captured within that. 
So dream high dream big and dream everyday even if takes to dream with open eyes. Do it, but dream to live and live to love like her.  



Zikr hi kiya tha bas abhi to,
aur ansuoon ne yun he dastak dedi.

Naa janey kabse dafan the ye,
inki arzoo bhi unhi hotho me simat gai.


she herself writes very beautiful that when words pour themselves though her, she sew them altogether and bring them to life.

There are some people who speaks too well but the only difference is that in lieu of their voice, their eyes talk for them.

And she is that one person i know, who has eyes like a silent rain that drizzle at 3 a.m. which soothes people and let them give  the peace of heart, like a shoulder to cry on or to secretly smile for a stupid memory which is inevitable.

So here she is, the kind of girl, one out of everyone.



He became the “ESCORT” of his own feelings, as they pleasured the love out of him each time he wanted to have a taste of it.fotorcreateda

He felt pain much more than he ever felt love that  within his veins blood shed tears because his eyes are so sore that even tears wont let him live alone. Ever since he wanted, craved or  excruciate for admirable eyes to capture the virtual love of his heart but his clothes wont let anybody near him, as charm and expensive perfumes and brands became the existence of the bond of love an friendship.

His life became so surreal and enigmatic that he had to fell in love with himself and his one and only saviour of his dignity in the high charming brand of life called circle of overwhelming people.

Now it is not pain that is painful but it’s the only saviour.

It is love that haunts, that wretched him wide open, so to fill the void of his love, writing fills his isolation with hope to not to love again but to fill the threshold through the pain of his saviour.

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